NRI Investment Planning

There are a number of investment plans available for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in this country. Financial planning for NRIs is more or less similar to that of resident Indians albeit with some points of difference. Knowing about these can lead to making a right choice, and money well invested back home for those who are not living here, presently. Those who want to make the most of money invested in the country need to find appropriate financial advisors for managing it and helping it to grow. There has been a spurt in the NRI investment in recent times owing to the global economic downturns. Indians working abroad are suddenly feeling insecure about their jobs and investment options available on foreign shores.

In this scenario, an ideal option is to go for selection of an ideal investment plan that provides a complete financial security and big returns. Some of the plans ideal for NRI include secondary market equity shares, public new issues or shares, mutual fund through inward remittance or via CNR/NRE/NRO accounts, bank deposits, and NRO domestic funds, through partnership concerns and bonds, as well as immovable property. Simply taking decisions regarding investment in India is not enough. One needs to find that perfect investment option for getting the maximum possible returns. The points to consider include investment point, account for investment, amount for investment, and related applicable taxes.

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