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 "When you think of investments think of us"

Risk: Early death of bread earner

Probable loss: Family left to manage certain goals like education, marriage, even regular household expenses etc. on its own.

Why life insurance?

Life insurance has many benefits apart from risk coverage:

» Risk cover – protection against financial crisis.

» Planning for life stage needs – Retirement planning, child’s education/marriage.

» Builds the habit of regular savings

» Safe and disciplined long-term investment

» Tax benefits

What does it cover?

Life insurance covers the risk of death. However you can opt for add on riders like:

» Accidental death

» Critical illness

» Waiver of premium

» Hospital/surgical care etc.

Types of life insurance policies

» Term plans – pure risk (death) cover only

» Ulips (unit linked insurance plan)

» Endowment plans, money back plans


» Suicide within 1 year of policy inception

» Indulging in illegal activities

» Under the influence of alcohol/drugs


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