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 "When you think of investments think of us"

Risk: Sudden illness of any member of the family!

Probable loss: increases financial burden on the bread earner. Family may have to borrow money to pay for hospital expenses.

Why health insurance?

»   Rising medical costs/inflation

»   Rising number of accidents

»   Severity of diseases 

»   Uncertain hospitalization

What does it cover?

»   It covers in-patient treatment

»   Room accommodation, surgical operations, nursing care, etc.

»   Pre & post hospitalization expenses

»   Day care procedures

»   Maternity & child care benefits

»   Emergency ambulance expenses (surface only)

»   Organ donor expenses

»   Free health check ups

Types of health insurance policies

»   Individual policy

»   Family floater policy

»   Extender family floater policy


»   Initial waiting period – 30 days

»   Specific waiting period – 1st and 2nd year diseases/treatments like cataract/hernia etc;

»   Pre-existing diseases – for 4 continuous policy years 


To get a Health Insurance quote make appointment now.


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